InDesk Bookkeeping - Bookkeeping Services specialising in Sole Trader / Small Limited Companies Bookkeeping / Accounts

Indesk Bookkeeping provides cost effective Bookkeeping Services for Sole Traders and small Limited Companies in Dublin, North County Dublin, County Louth and County Meath.

Indesk Bookkeeping ~

My name is Michelle Giffin. I offer a straight forward and practical approach to Business and Accounting which gives my clients more time to concentrate on developing and growing their business.

I have over twenty five years experience working as a Bookkeeper for small and large Companies in Dublin and London. Since 1998 I have been the Bookkeeper and Office Administrator for a family business as well as freelancing and I established Indesk Bookkeeping in 2013.

Efficient bookkeeping is essential for a successful business and when setting up a new bookkeeping system I will advise on a structure that suits you or set the system up for you and routinely maintain it.

For a system that needs to be kept updated and maintained, I will process and manage your accounts on a ongoing basis.

If you are swamped with a backlog of filing and data management, I will bring your excess paperwork and computer records up to date.

I will prepare your Monthly/Year End Accounts on time for Revenue deadlines and process your VAT Returns via ROS (Revenue on-line Services).

I generally work from my office. However, I will work with you at your office/place of business (usually for one to two half days a month as may be required). I will keep you informed of any important issues, as they arise, by email, telephone and arranged meetings.

I have professional Business and Accounting associates and can consult with my colleagues on behalf of my clients should any exceptional taxation or perplexing accountancy issues arise that may need specific expert advise.

Client Confidentiality is completely guaranteed.